Today: 14-04-2024

Ricciardo Asserts: Fourth on the Grid Was Earned, Not by Chance

"Ricciardo Affirms: Fourth on the Grid Was Earned, Not by Chance"

In a standout performance at the Mexico City Grand Prix qualifying, Daniel Ricciardo clinched AlphaTauri's best grid position of the Formula One season, securing the fourth spot between the two Red Bull drivers. Contrary to any notion of luck, the Australian driver emphasized that his remarkable position was a result of skill, determination, and a hunger to return to the track.

Ricciardo's journey to this point has been marked by challenges, including a hand injury suffered at the Dutch Grand Prix in August, leading to his absence from five races. His comeback in Austin, Texas, last weekend saw him finish 15th, but Ricciardo was already eager for more. "Already Sunday night in Austin I was just wanting it to be Friday practice, I wanted to get back in the car and it felt like there were some things left on the table," he shared.

Notably, Ricciardo's return coincided with a strategic decision for a more conventional race weekend format in Mexico City. The results were immediate, with the Australian expressing confidence from the get-go. "From lap one yesterday (in practice) I felt really confident. P4 is maybe a little more than we thought," Ricciardo remarked. The team's confidence was evident, with the focus not just on making it to Q3 but on pushing the limits further.

Reflecting on his recent performances and his comeback journey, Ricciardo acknowledged a positive shift in his mindset. "I know I haven't done much this year race-wise, but I feel a lot like my old self and I feel like I can do well," he affirmed. While acknowledging the challenge ahead, including Red Bull's Mexican driver Sergio Perez starting behind him, Ricciardo dismissed the idea that his impressive qualifying position was a mere fluke.

As he eyes the race, Ricciardo anticipates a tough but rewarding battle, expressing that holding on to fourth would be "awesome and crazy." With his hand on the mend and confidence restored, Ricciardo is poised for a thrilling performance, eager to prove that his impressive grid position is a testament to skill and determination rather than luck.

In conclusion, Daniel Ricciardo's exceptional performance in securing AlphaTauri's best grid position of the season at the Mexico City Grand Prix is a testament to his unwavering determination and skill on the track. Breaking through the challenges of a recent hand injury and a limited racing calendar, Ricciardo showcased resilience and a hunger for success.

His strategic return to a more conventional race weekend format bore fruit, with the Australian driver expressing confidence from the outset. The fourth-place position, nestled between the Red Bull drivers, was not seen as a stroke of luck by Ricciardo but rather a result of meticulous planning and a positive shift in mindset.

As he gears up for the race, Ricciardo remains realistic about the challenges ahead, including fending off competition from Red Bull's Sergio Perez. However, with his hand on the mend and a restored sense of confidence, Ricciardo is set for a thrilling battle on the track. The anticipation of a potential victory is not just a desire for the Australian; it's a testament to his belief in his capabilities and a reaffirmation that his impressive grid position is a product of skill and determination, not chance. Racing enthusiasts can eagerly look forward to witnessing Ricciardo's pursuit of success in the upcoming Grand Prix.