Today: 19-04-2024

Legal Victory: 'Robot Lawyer' DoNotPay Prevails in Lawsuit Against Illinois Law Firm

"A Federal Judge in East St. Louis, Illinois, has dismissed, at least temporarily, a lawsuit filed by the small law firm MillerKing against artificial intelligence company DoNotPay. The suit accused DoNotPay of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, claiming that it causes 'irreparable harm' to individuals seeking legal services and infringes on the rights of properly licensed law firms. Chief U.S. District Judge Nancy Rosenstengel ruled that MillerKing did not demonstrate sufficient harm to have legal standing in federal court. The decision allows MillerKing the opportunity to amend its complaint. DoNotPay, known as a 'robot lawyer,' offers AI-powered assistance to consumers in dealing with various legal matters. This legal victory comes amid another lawsuit against DoNotPay by Chicago-based law firm Edelson, alleging unauthorized practice of law on behalf of a California man dissatisfied with the service."

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