Today: 19-04-2024

Extended Farewell: Postponed Departure for the Current Bar Exam Until 2028

Bar Exam Evolution: Current Version's Farewell Delayed Until 2028

In a surprising turn of events, the anticipated departure of the current bar exam, slated for July 2027, has been postponed. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), responsible for crafting the national elements of the examination, revealed on Wednesday that it will extend the availability of the existing Uniform Bar Exam until February 2028. Simultaneously, a new era will dawn with the introduction of the Next Gen Bar Exam in July 2026.

This decision introduces a two-year transition period, allowing states the flexibility to opt for either the current uniform exam or the forthcoming next-gen version. After this interim period, the uniform exam will be phased out, leaving the next-gen variant as the sole option. The prerogative of selecting the bar exam lies with individual state courts, bar associations, or law examiners.

An NCBE spokesperson explained that feedback from various courts underscored the need for additional time to integrate the new exam. The extension also aims to provide law schools with substantial notice regarding the exam their graduates will undertake. Over the past year, the NCBE has diligently educated states about the revamped exam, designed to accentuate legal skills and reduce reliance on rote memorization of laws.

Despite the impending launch in July 2026, no jurisdiction has committed to adopting the next-gen exam thus far. However, the NCBE anticipates that several states will make this transition soon. Notable exceptions include the Florida Board of Law Examiners, which declared in July that it will adhere to the current bar exam in July 2026. Pennsylvania echoed this sentiment on October 16, citing the necessity for additional time to assess the new test thoroughly.

In a similar vein, a California state bar committee has recommended bypassing the next-gen exam in favor of an alternative developed by the bar itself. Criticism emerged in July when early sample questions from the new test elicited mixed reviews. Some found the questions too facile, while others voiced concerns that the revamped exam wouldn't markedly differ from its predecessor.

In a subsequent announcement, the NCBE disclosed its decision to reintegrate family law into the subjects tested on the next-gen exam, albeit not until July 2028. Initially slated for elimination from the new exam, the restoration of the family law section was prompted by feedback received by the NCBE.

As the legal landscape undergoes this transformative phase, the legal community awaits further developments and anticipates the eventual convergence towards a more dynamic and skill-centric bar examination.

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